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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Interesting readings

  • T. N. Ninan in Business Standard on the decline of Bombay. I think of the establishment of ISB in Hyderabad as an important lost opportunity, and a prominent contribution of the Shiv Sena to India's backwardness. ISB near Hyderabad is an impressive achievement, but it's a shadow of what it would be if it were on the outskirts of Bombay.
  • G. N. Bajpai, Mr. Bhave's predecessor's predecessor, argues in favour of legislation that defines the role of HLCC and makes it more effective. (This was an opinion piece in the Economic Times).
  • Replace EPFO with NPS by Dhirendra Kumar.
  • Writing in Financial Express, Ramkishen Rajan worries about the analytical foundations of the supposed hierarchy of desirability of various types of capital flows.
  • Viral Acharya in Financial Express.
  • In India, the phrase `industrial policy' is considered acceptable in polite company, while in the international discourse, people get embarassed when they propose it. Michael Boskin has a column on the return of industrial policy from its grave.
  • Roger Bate, writing in The American is skeptical about the possibilities for the Indian drugs industry.
  • A 1000 word precis summarising what we know about economic development, by Daren Acemoglu. Also see this piece by Lisa Chauvet and Paul Collier on voxEU.
  • A paean to Timothy Geithner, by David Brooks, in the New York Times.
  • The open source approach to maps: See this and this. You might like to see my blog post and FE article on the subject of map databases in India.
  • David Edmonds has a great story about Levon Aronian, the man who aspires to unseat Vishwanathan Anand from the world #1 slot, and the remarkable place of chess in Armenia.

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  1. may find this interesting

    'What India loses out on efficiency isn’t made up for by a false notion of safety'


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