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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Interesting readings

  • Writings about Lehman, in the broad Indian discourse, are a reminder of the low quality of the Indian economics discourse. Meghnad Desai looks back at a year after Lehman, in Financial Express. For a person who was in my father's class at M.A., he is remarkably free of socialist cobwebs of the mind. And, for other interesting treatments, see : see: Jayanth Varma in Financial Express, Dhiraj Nayyar in Indian Express, Andy Kessler in Forbes, Avinash Persaud on bankers pay in Financial Express.
  • P. Vaidyanathan Iyer in Indian Express on some thinking about the role and function of government agencies in finance that is afoot at MOF. Hmm, I could get used to a Financial Stability and Development Authority.
  • Subhomoy Bhattacharjee on India's capital controls and the proposed Bharti/MTN transaction.
  • Bibek Debroy on the role and function of the Chief Economic Advisor to MOF.
  • Sangeeta Singh and Rahul Chandran have an article in Mint on one of the most important infrastructure projects in India: the Bombay-Delhi freight corridor. It is going to work wonders in establishing the straight line connecting Bombay to Delhi as an axis of prosperity. See the CMIE Capex database on this.
  • The `trilemma of the international financial system' in India by Koji Kobayashi of the Mizuho Research Institute.
  • The Afghanistan impasse by Ahmed Rashid in The New York Review of Books.
  • In the New York Times, Steve Dougherty has a great idea: to walk through today's Warsaw trying to reach the locations of Alan Furst's great book The spies of Warsaw.
  • Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn?


  1. ..remember how she said, we would meet again, some sunny day...Vera, what has become of you....

  2. Surprising you like Alan Furst! I read four or five of his books and while The Spies of Warsaw is good, his other books are really excellent too.


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