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Monday, August 24, 2009

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Maps vs. map data: appropriately drawing the lines between public and private

Comment by Anonymous:

OSM is a good effort, but it's license is flawed. It should be a pure public domain license, and it is not - they selected CC-by-SA. To their credit, they have been discussing this fascinating issue on their website. (See

The other issue is that their data is still not good enough - it will take some time to get there, but throwing money is not the solution. users / volunteers will do a better job here!

Re: Survey of India / GOI The GOI continues to view Maps data as a strategic asset, important from the defense perspective - and hence restricted. That makes it much harder for the survey to be open about high resolution data, and compete in this space.

Improving wireless bandwidth

Comment by satya:

I have been a customer Sify--->Bsnl--->Tata Wimax ---> Airtel

Tata Wimax was good for the line of sight solutions they are offering , there customer care was pathetic, switched to Airtel on first instance Airtel got into our colony.

Still i am waiting for something like, even with 1:4 ratio tariff plans looks unbelievable.Still havent got a feedback about there Network and Support.

Grassroots strategy for mobile phone based payments, sighted in Africa

Comment by Bipin Preet Singh:

Hi, We are working towards something similar with our mobikwik balance. Please check it out at

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