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Friday, November 21, 2008

Crisis watch, 21 November

TED spread 2.12
S&P 500 returns -6.71%
VIX 80.86
Nikkei 225 (9:13 AM IST) -2.22%
US Financials index -9.7%
ICICI Bank ADR -9.72%
Call rate on 20thth 6.2189%
Currency futures (9:32 AM IST)50.51

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  1. I had a query bout the spikes in the interest rate curve I saw for FDs in HDFC & ICICI Banks:

    There are spikes in the interest rates for specific terms (e.g. 6 M 15 D to 6 M 16 D for HDFC), which last for only a day or two. My question is, why are there such spikes and why only for a day or two?(These spikes aren't there for PSBs (SBI, BoB), nor for other private banks like Axis Bank)


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