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Friday, October 10, 2008

Why the crisis got worse

I have an article in Financial Express on why the crisis got worse after the Paulson plan was approved.

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  1. A bit offtopic :Commercial paper crisis?

    Let us look at some of the data provided by the Fed itself and ignore the chatter on TV and chatrooms

    Non financial commerical paper -interest rates for 1month

    10/01/2008, 2.00
    10/02/2008, 2.01
    10/03/2008, 1.98
    10/06/2008, 1.80
    10/07/2008, 1.50

    Compare to that 1 year back:
    10/01/2007, 4.79
    10/02/2007, 4.69
    10/03/2007, 4.71
    10/04/2007, 4.70
    10/05/2007, 4.70

    Interest rates today are actually lower!

    For financial commercial paper
    10/01/2008, 3.63
    10/02/2008, 3.12
    10/03/2008, 2.85
    10/06/2008, 2.80
    10/07/2008, 2.86

    and 1 year back
    10/01/2007, 4.77
    10/02/2007, 4.79
    10/03/2007, 4.78
    10/04/2007, 4.80
    10/05/2007, 4.89

    Rates are still lower today.!

    Now see commercial paper outstanding:

    For the week that ended October 8, total commercial paper outstanding amounted to $1,459 billion down from the $1,607 billion reported for the previous week, but is a 2.9% percent drop a credit freeze?

    I think talking heads are bullshittng or the Fed's data is bogus. I think the former is the case today.

    BTW, the Sonic - GE scare, it is an urban legend.Sonic came out and denied they are facing issues raising money and they had no specific issues with GE either.

    This is like Orson Wells(spelling?)'s War of the Worlds -the masses believe anything they hear on TV

    falling off a cliff?exactly,about the CP outstanding is only 12 or 13% lower than what it was in March 2008. is a 12-13% reduction a jump off the cliff?.

    its only a 5-6% fall from last years avg outstanding . diving off a cliff sounds like hype to me.

    interest rate comparison is not that appropriate.the point is that it is much lower than the supposed inflation of 3% -so people are ready to lend at less than inflation rate -not a sign of any crunch


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