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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 13 of the currency futures

Top 10 underlyings in NSE's derivatives trading today, measured by turnover in crore rupees:

1 Nifty 39,555
2 Reliance 1,540
3 ICICI 1,200
4 SBI 1,139
5 Bank index 898
6 Reliance Capital 732
7 Reliance Infra 586
8 Mini Nifty 577
9 L&T 460
10 INR/USD 458

1 comment:

  1. Currency Trading issues wrt Indian mkts:

    1. Only 9 am to 5 pm - internationally its a 24 x 7 mkt, which remains briefly shut for abt 5 hrs...
    2. No mention of slippage during transactions
    3. Leverage available is abt 1:100 going upto 1:300, depending on the broker..
    4. What abt other currency pairs
    5. Spot (Cash) trading also reqd. - so exchange & TOC issues also arise....

    Once done, i guess its Rock On India...

    what say ??



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