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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blogger needs a better way to deal with spammers

I just wasted effort deleting eight spam comments left by `sharegyan'. Blogger urgently needs to improve their support for deterring spam:
  • When new comments come up, the blog author(s) should get a single page showing all recent comments where it's easy to checkbox a few and punch a single button "delete". This would eliminate the need to separately navigate for deletion of each of the eight comments.
  • It should be possible to blacklist a particular author of comments, so that one never has to deal with that source of spam again.
I'm zealous about deleting all spam comments. I hope that if I put out a credible deterrent, the rational spammer should find it efficient to not waste time spamming this blog. Sharegyan, you need to hire more rational staff.

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  1. Hey Ajay - I spend a ton of time doing this myself. Have now enabled comment moderation - something I hate to do - because of the volume of spam at my blog. Yes, sharegyan is a repeat offender :)

    I'm planning to move to wordpress because they have an automatic spam catching plugin. That will happen sometime in the next decade.


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